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The warning mesh range is NF WARNING DEVICES certified by AFNOR CERTIFICATION in accordance with the NF113 standard

The warning mesh marketed by Kravel serves to indicate the presence of an underground network. This warning device helps identify the type of buried network and its orientation.

To distinguish between different types of buried networks, the color of the warning mesh is specific to each type. Kravel offers a range of mesh in four colors:

  • Red for electrical networks
  • Blue for potable water networks
  • Green for telecom/video networks
  • Yellow for gas networks
  • Material : Polyolefins
  • Colorfastness: Resistance to blackening by ammonium sulfide
  • Resistance to microorganisms: According to EN ISO 846 standard
  • Mechanical tensile strength: Rr > 300 N
  • Excavation opening simulation: Visible element > 200 mm during excavation and digging

A warning device, a plastic mesh type, must be placed above each pipeline. This warning device is positioned 0.20 meters above the pipeline. It should be of the same color as the type of pipeline

Length Width
Blue 100 30
Red 100 30
Yellow 100 30
Green 100 30
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