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The protection of your assets during construction works is one of our concerns. Indeed, electrical cables and the entire piping system used require protection from mortars and mechanical impacts.

In this context, protection is often provided by plastic sleeves commonly referred to as conduits, tubing, or corrugated pipes.

GALION contributes to the preservation of your assets by offering a comprehensive range of corrugated conduits under the brand name KRAVEL.

NT Certification

Our KRAVEL conduits comply with the standards CEI 61386-1:2008 and CEI 61386-22:2004; reference standards adopted by the national organization INNORPI responsible for conduit certification.

Periodic and systematic surveillance audits are implemented as part of the maintenance of NT certification.

Their objective is to ensure that normative requirements continue to be met within the manufacturing process of these conduits.

ISO 9001 Certification

The manufacturing of KRAVEL conduits is an integral part of the scope of certification within our ISO 9001 quality management system. We maintain an internal quality control plan that covers all stages of the process, from material reception to product delivery.

Quality Policy

The KRAVEL activity is driven by a Quality Policy based on the following relevant strategic pillars :

  • The continuous satisfaction of all stakeholders, including Customers, Shareholders, Personnel, Suppliers, and the Company in general
  • The continuous improvement of the operation of each process and the quality management system.
  • The voluntary and progressive integration, into the company’s activities, of social, environmental, and economic concerns, contributing to sustainable development challenges.


  • National Mark of Conformity for Standards License No. 139
  • National Mark of Conformity for Standards License No. 586
  • Production of Plastic Packaging and Corrugated IBTC Conduits ISO 9001:2015 Certification
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