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IBTC Sanitary

Insulating, Bendable, Transversely Elastic, Corrugated Conduit System designed for the protection of sanitary and plumbing installations.

Kravel offers a complete range of IBTC Sanitary tubes designed to protect your sanitary pipelines.

The IBTC range is available in two colors, blue and red, for identifying cold water and hot water distribution.

Exterior diameter (mm) Interior diameter (mm) Coil Length Colors
25 19 50/100 Blue/Red
32 25 50/100 Blue/Red
40 32 50 Blue/Red
50 41 50 Blue/Red

The GE KRAVEL range is manufactured in accordance with the NFC 68-105 standard from 1989.

  • Material : Polyolefins
  • Colors : Red and Blue
  • Minimum installation temperature: -5°C
  • Maximum installation temperature: +60°C
  • Shock resistance: 2 J at -5°C.

The use of corrugated tubes from KRAVEL enables the chemical protection of copper or cross-linked tubes against concrete laitance, plaster, or any other construction materials.

In addition to mechanical and chemical protection, as well as electrical and thermal insulation, ensuring an extended lifespan for sanitary tubes, the value of protecting these tubes is also evident during repairs.

Indeed, in case of water leaks, repairs do not require demolishing walls but rather involve the straightforward replacement of the tube after removing the faulty section, ensuring economic savings and better profitability.

Exterior diameter Interior diameter Multilayer Correspondences Copper Correspondences
20 14 - 12/14
25 19 16 14/16/18
32 25 20 18/20-20/22-22/24
40 32 26 24/26-26/28
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